Expedition 2017

It was a gorgeous weekend on the hills around Stroud. The views were spectacular and the sun shone throughout. This however, provided extra challenge as Scouts never follow instructions and struggled with lack of water, that is until friendly locals provided top ups.

Each day consisted of around 12km, the first day being rather hilly, the second a more sedate undulation around the Cotswold Way. Map reading instructions throughout Scout nights and camps proved fruitless as teams consistently went the wrong way. It wasn’t until the second day, that they took it seriously and thus followed the necessary rules to get it right. I don’t think they really thought we would just let them go wrong and trail them blindly, saying nothing!

Overnight stop was at  the excellent Penn Wood Scout campsite. It was here and on the Sunday that the Scouts came across, should have listened number 2 – take plenty of food. Having turned their noses up at the hut at the food on offer, or in one case eating everything within the first few hours, it was late Saturday and midday Sunday when some started to get quite hungry. Oh well! Lesson learnt there then!

 It was in no doubt a challenge for all the teams involved, but whilst lots of things would be done differently next time, all showed excellent determination to finish.

In the case of the leaders, don’t mention disposable BBQs.

Scout Expedition

Last weekend, I attended an expedition in Stroud with my Scout group (62nd).  I found it to be challenging, fun, interesting and very tiring afterwards! The expedition tested my skills in map-reading, stamina and the ability to be a good team member.

Each group was told to plan their route and map-read to get to the checkpoints.  They had to carry all the camping equipment needed for the expedition: tents, gas cooker, stove and food for the following day. This necessitated the groups to split the weight accordingly, allowing everyone to have an equal and fair load.

On the expedition, everyone had to work together as a team, supporting and helping each other.  This attitude provides a good lesson for the future. The expedition really increased my map reading skills and ability to use bearings to find my current location. This was because a wrong turning can really affect an expedition.

Overall, I found the expedition to be a great experience that really tested and improved my Scouting skills.


 photo 17834177_10154952100405255_1277703151334301906_o_zpswfz6a0vp.jpg
 photo 17855478_10154952101450255_3653065876513348997_o_zpsmlyt9iha.jpg
 photo 17834906_10154952101470255_419240612668981167_o_zpsnbugtmkf.jpg
 photo 17855530_10154952101365255_4666137233971965450_o_zps8zy8l5gh.jpg
 photo 17855341_10154952102025255_871643449297403048_o_zpskcubh9u1.jpg
 photo 17835155_10154952100145255_6188972579919154056_o_zps6vhyhmrn.jpg
 photo 17834399_10154952100255255_132784824178889364_o_zpsdotqodzi.jpg
 photo 17798993_10154946928230255_2200332366115319309_n_zps5wufrbn1.jpg
 photo 17759981_10154946928335255_8053974090206732735_n_zpscinfowov.jpg
 photo 17799037_10154946928010255_8923633720223921169_n 1_zps72pbofoj.jpg
 photo 17862685_10154946927860255_7208600128018290394_n_zpsc3zymbjr.jpg
 photo 17833951_10154952102345255_6743104158798302055_o_zpsqycbhfpc.jpg
 photo 17834370_10154952102505255_1010660271759377049_o_zpsayepdosl.jpg

 photo 17807378_10157094846673647_1757564682504169925_o_zpsl0rmi0qt.jpg
 photo 17854659_10157094686758647_3007358028389855866_o_zpslm1ovbal.jpg

 photo exp 2017 5_zpsfyjnduw0.jpg

 photo exp 2017 3_zps6eyj890y.jpg

 photo exp 2017 6_zpsd4qlzqly.jpg

 photo exp 2017 8_zpsa2iyc1ox.jpg

 photo exp 2017 7_zpsedsrqpro.jpg

 photo Exp 2017_zpsyi7g2vpd.jpg

Some excellent photos from one of the groups:

 photo Exp 17 JB 72_zpsc8mhsguc.jpg  photo Exp 17 JB 84_zpsl31gtqzh.jpg  photo Exp 17 JB 80_zpslzj9ttjh.jpg  photo Exp 17 JB 56_zps5fswl97t.jpg  photo Exp 17 JB 78_zpsnsa2l2cr.jpg  photo Exp 17 JB 79_zpswvo5ahvb.jpg  photo Exp 17 JB 96_zpslugux0tv.jpg  photo Exp 17 JB 106_zpspuzdrr6y.jpg  photo Exp 17 JB 86_zps0ij3gq8m.jpg  photo Exp 17 JB 64_zpsvv4suenf.jpg  photo Exp 17 JB 42_zpsxto4s5sm.jpg  photo Exp 17 JB 30_zpshrmkh4v9.jpg  photo Exp 17 JB 6_zpspnrk6yyq.jpg  photo Exp 17 JB 16_zpsw2erkopx.jpg  photo Exp 17 JB 31_zpsscof0lhl.jpg  photo Exp 17 JB 2_zpsqkslr7me.jpg  photo Exp 17 JB 53_zpshbbfo1pd.jpg  photo Exp 17 JB 41_zps0zzlk28n.jpg  photo Exp 17 JB 39_zpsu1yrw8mu.jpg  photo Exp 17 JB 12_zpstkmdsmd0.jpg


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