Past Camps and Events



Winter Camp Windy Feb 2 nights
Total 2 nights


Christmas, Yeovil   Dec 1 night
Surfing   Oct 2 nights
Carnival Pewsey   Sep 2 nights
Fowey, Cornwall   Aug 7 nights
Wallopoly, Bristol   July 1 night
Pl & APL Training, Hungerford   May 7 nights
Family, River Dart   May 2 nights
Expedition, Cotswolds   March 1 night
Winter, Quantocks   Feb 2 nights
Total 25 nights


Christmas, Kingsdon, Somerset Christmassy Dec 2 nights
Surfing   Oct 2 nights
Grand Union Canal Watery Aug 7 nights
Pl & APL Spaniorum Can you cope!? July 2 nights
Avon Jamboree, South Glos Definitely muddy May 2 nights
Family, Woodlands, Devon One big family… May 2 nights
Winter, New Forest Southampton Scouts Jan 2 nights
19 nights


Poperinge, Belgium 100 years Oct 5 nights
Surfing Lovelyish Oct 2 nights
Film Night, Bristol   Sep 1 night
Summer Camp, Horner Woods, Porlock, Somerset Death trap Aug 7 nights
Malvern Challenge Emotional June 2 nights
Family Camp, Avon Valley Country Park Tuna! May 2 nights
Cycle to Gloucester, Sharpness Canal Boaty March 1 night
Winter Camp, Youlbury Oxford Bugsy Feb 2 nights
Total 22 nights


Surfing   Oct 2 nights
Expedition, Cranham Gloucestershire   Sep 1 night
London Olympic Games Best ever, bar none Aug 7 nights
Bristopoly, Hut   July 2 nights
Alternative Summer Camp, Dorset Flooded May 7 nights
Warmley Weekend of Wonder   March 2 nights
Winter Camp, Campbell Rooms Over Stowey   Feb 2 nights
Total 23 nights



Surfing 10th Anniversary  Oct 2 nights
Croatia Scorpions and big rats Aug 12 nights
Bike Rodeo   July 1 night
District Camp, Woodhouse   May 2 nights
Mendip Expedition Peaceful April 2 nights
Winter Camp, Blackwell Court, Bromsgrove Summery Feb 3 nights
Total 22 nights






Surf Camp Posh coach Oct 2 nights
Corf IOW Coastal Aug 7 nights
Photo Corsham Photogenic June 2 nights
London Capital! May 5 nights
Family, River Dart Big May 2 nights
Expedition, Cotswolds Airfields March 1 night
Winter, St Braivels Dungeony Feb 2 nights
21 nights


Surfing   Oct 2 nights
Delft, Netherlands Halooooo! Aug 8 nights
Chelwood, Keynsham Epic campfire June 2 nights
Forest of Dean Cycley May 3 nights
Expedition, Pennwood, Stroud Invite only May 1 night
Winter, Mendips   Feb 2 nights
Total 18 nights


Expedition Scouts walk fast Oct 1 night
Surfing   Oct 1 night
Bangor, Wales Bangor or bust Aug 7 nights
Shaunopoly, Bristol Bristol or bust July 1 night
Mud Runner Definitely muddy June 2 nights
Film Night & BBQ Surprise church June 1 night
Winter, Dulverton Rustic, again… Feb 2 nights
Film night Cary Granty Jan 1 night
Total 17 nights


Film Night, Bristol   Nov 1 night
Surfing    Oct 2 nights
Malta   August 15 nights
Gromopoly, Bristol   August 2 nights
Malvern Challenge   June 2 nights
Film Night , Bristol Little Shop of Horrors June 1 night
Other Summer Camp, Pullabrook Farm, Devon Cold river May 7 nights
May Day Weekend, Bristol   May 2 nights
Film Night, Bristol Spongebob & Skyfall March 1 night
Winter Camp, Botany Bay Tintern Get it!? Feb 2 nights
Total 35 nights


Surfing   Oct 2 nights
Summer Camp, Pembroke, Wales Seagulls August 7 nights
Bike Expedition, Forest of Dean   July 1 night
Group Camp, Spaniorum   May 2 nights
Young Ones Spaniorum Mega slide April 2 nights
Winter Camp, Dartmoor   February 2 nights
Total 16 nights




2003 and Earlier