District Hike 2008


District Hike 2008

2nd place!

That rugby game cost us the lead!!!

We never quite determined if it was a competition or not, anyway there were so many distractions any thought of winning went clearly up in the air which, by the way, was a little damp. Spontaneous games of rugby and the pooh stick championships were a delighful distraction!

An excellent team – lacking on experience, but enthusiastic and up for it in every other way. The leader shadows really did not have a lot to do. Scout imposed time scales to reach the next checkpoint, Scouts correcting leaders map reading, well Daves actually, all resulted in a great fun, if not exhausting, 10 mile stroll around the Gordano Valley. For some Scouts the last leg was done sleep walking…

Well done team!!




 photo DistrictHike20081_zps0e22ae74.jpg photo DistrictHike20082_zpse188f1a2.jpg photo DistrictHike20084_zps37b4e4ed.jpg photo DistrictHike20088_zps8a99c9cd.jpg photo DistrictHike20089_zps390a946c.jpg photo DistrictHike200811_zpscdc79d55.jpg photo DistrictHike200813_zps7c1ac7fe.jpg photo DistrictHike200814_zps507b4cff.jpg photo DistrictHike200817_zpsf1775910.jpg photo DistrictHike200820_zps1c5afce9.jpg photo DistrictHike200824_zps6318fee1.jpg photo DistrictHike200825_zps1ad0b307.jpg photo DistrictHike200826_zps0e2dfce2.jpg photo DistrictHike200828_zpsbb3be2b7.jpg photo DistrictHike200818Ver1_zps9c01f766.jpg photo DistrictHike200821Ver1_zpsb424a7fb.jpg