Christmas Camp 2018

Christmas Theatre Camp 2018

December 2018

A lovely weekend…

“Oh no it wasn’t”

“Oh yes it was…”

We trundled down Saturday morning, and settled into the Saturday matinee at The Octagon in Yeovil, for a fabulous pantomime performance. Aladdin was this years spectacular. A great set of performers all thoroughly enjoying themselves – and for those Scouts who had never seen a pantomime before – they loved it (but will never admit it…)

A Christmassy meal of chicken fajitas topped off Saturday evening together with a spot of present opening. Secret Santa swung by gifting socks, gloves, glasses and bauble wigs. 

Sunday morning we linked live to Horfield Methodist church for the parade service. Sadly, the Methodist had techy problems and only sound could be heard. Look at the photos for what you would have seen on film!

Finally, a walk up Glastonbury Tour, just before the rain started, ended our weekend. A stunning view across Somerset.  

 photo IMG_20181215_132401_resized_20190102_083019224_zpsjdybt0un.jpg  photo IMG_20181215_135053_resized_20190102_083020134_zps9qst6xkz.jpg  photo IMG_20181215_135205_resized_20190102_083047204_zpsdzuswlhg.jpg  photo IMG_20181215_163757_resized_20190102_083046926_zps88jt3u3i.jpg  photo IMG_20181215_164743_resized_20190102_083108247_zpsbl73fmrh.jpg  photo IMG_20181215_195915_resized_20190102_083132643_zpserwzm9sm.jpg  photo IMG_20181216_102938_resized_20190102_083132050_zps5kpnkipi.jpg  photo Theatre Camp 2018 3_zpsdzz91df7.jpg  photo Theatre Camp 2018 4_zpsxlsspvy7.jpg  photo Theatre Camp 2018 18_zpsbhrybsxn.jpg  photo Theatre Camp 2018 24_zpsl5a4dcrr.jpg  photo Theatre Camp 2018 32_zpsstbr8n0c.jpg  photo Theatre Camp 2018 66_zpse2n9ttih.jpg  photo Theatre Camp 2018 70_zps0duzldsg.jpg  photo Theatre Camp 2018 75_zpskjgdmaac.jpg  photo Theatre Camp 2018 88_zpslmdpwmsu.jpg  photo Theatre Camp 2018 89_zpszzplsf82.jpg  photo Theatre Camp 2018 102_zps9u6mqqtr.jpg  photo Theatre Camp 2018 112_zpst3ykxu1l.jpg  photo Theatre Camp 2018 113_zpsv6zexczc.jpg