Cardboar Caving 2014

Cardboard Caving 2014

100 ar 62nd Bristol Spaner, Kartong Grotto Hundaarsdaag Utgava

(100 years, 62nd Bristol Scouts, Cardboard Caves, Centenary Edition)

 Over 350 building hours…

 …and one hour to destroy, but then there were lots of destructive Scouts to help out.

The caves were back! anyone that has ever done the caves before talks about it for years, anyone that hasn’t done it has heard so many tales they talk about it too. For those who build it they talk about increasing the 4 year gap between ‘caves’ to aid the recovery of sore elbows, bad joints from hovering in awkward places, fingers bled raw from cardboard and cable ties and of course worse of all: ‘tapeus tinnitus’. It wakes us up at night, (seriously…)


Some extremely interesting facts and figures for you: 


1.2 miles of gaffer and parcel tape


2640+ cable ties


353.25 hours in building, spread over one and a half weeks


…built by 22 people (all leaders, young leaders and ex Scouts and parents)


3 leaders clocked up 150 hours between them


one young leader/ex Scouts clocked up nearly 40 hours


3 scaffolding towers


10 packets of Rajani sweets (jelly crocdiles were the best)


lots of The Breeze (or is it Febreeze…)


Over 200 children and adults spread over 2 weeks, from:


Henleaze Guides

3rd Bristol Cubs

All sections from 62nd Bristol (Scouts did it twice!)

A a smattering of ex-Scouts who couldn’t resist a pop back for old times sake!





  This years special features:


 photo CardboardCaving2014100_zpsab1bca58.jpg

Gambro Humps 


 photo CardboardCaving201499_zpsfced8ccb.jpg

 The Inner Cushion Scramble


 photo CardboardCaving201498_zps5145914f.jpg

Pjatterd Corkscrew


 photo CardboardCaving2014101_zpsa7cffbc9.jpg

 Insultube S Bend

  photo CardboardCaving2014105_zpsd1ebf084.jpg


The Smila Blomma Loop



 photo CardboardCaving2014115_zps9582bbea.jpg

 Dr Nick’s Tunnel of Terror


 photo CardboardCaving2014104_zps1808b7dc.jpg

 The Liebherr Swinger Cave


 photo CardboardCaving2014113_zps22a3a977.jpg

The Fabrina Squeeze 


 photo CardboardCaving2014102_zpsf0173614.jpg

The Simpson’s Shower Net 

  photo CardboardCaving2014119_zpsd4f20a52.jpg

Big Dave’s Rave Cave


 photo CardboardCaving201497i_zps9a62bfb1.jpg

The TM Memorial Ballpit


 photo CardboardCaving2014117_zpsad68bbba.jpg

Hobo Tunnel


 photo CardboardCaving2014103_zps43ec0992.jpg

The Dvala Dangles

Walker’s Spider Web


 photo CardboardCaving2014116_zps1c396bce.jpg 

Daisy’s “Ullamaj” Confusion

Gamma Decor Rollers



 “I had to peel my Scout off the ceiling last Friday night after the Caves he was that excited about it”   

” My Scout didn’t stop talking about it all weekend afterwards”


“We just wanted to say a massive THANK YOU!

You put a lot of time and effort into building the caves and it was all worth it. The cubs thought it was amazing! (As did the leaders/parents)

So well done to you all 🙂 you have made a very big bunch of scouty people quite happy.”

“Cardboard caving, the hardest caving I’ve ever done (harder than the Daren Cilau entrance series) two grazed elbows and the most claustrophoic I’ve ever felt in my life. Best fun I’ve had in a while – cheers 62nd & everyone else who put the effort into building the epic adventure, my Cub says it was the best cub night ever!” “getting lovely feedback they all reckon best thing they have done at Beavers! so thanks – how do we follow that !!!???” 

“Feedback from caving was as expected most thought it was one of the best things they have ever done in there small lives so a massive thanks from parents, myself & rest of leadership team to all the people who made the caving possible for a job so well done, again a huge hit with Beavers even the ones who got upset, apparently, so please pass this on to the rest of the cave dwellers – so chuffed they enjoyed it so much.”


“My child has just told me that tonight’s cardboard caving was the best thing he has ever done in his life! “



“I think he might be too hyped up to sleep though… “


 As for all the Swedish – guess where most of the cardboard came from!




 photo CardboardCaving2014135_zpse0111c20.jpg photo CardboardCaving2014137_zpsc8ed9212.jpg photo CardboardCaving2014140_zps7973dfc0.jpg photo CardboardCaving2014133_zpscf58cec4.jpg photo CardboardCaving2014127_zps6cebf458.jpg photo CardboardCaving2014123i_zps365dd17a.jpg photo CardboardCaving2014125_zpsc5143a36.jpg photo CardboardCaving2014142_zps966c798b.jpg photo CardboardCaving2014143_zpsd0beb6c8.jpg photo CardboardCaving2014154_zps6a72e0ef.jpg photo CardboardCaving2014157_zps635b0d35.jpg photo CardboardCaving2014153_zpsa6252a27.jpg photo CardboardCaving2014151_zpsbbd60807.jpg photo CardboardCaving2014149_zps65334ff2.jpg photo CardboardCaving2014150_zps8a72906c.jpg photo CardboardCaving2014122_zpsf33e1f3b.jpg photo CardboardCaving2014114_zps7ddf46e1.jpg photo CardboardCaving201433_zps8a804bb1.jpg photo CardboardCaving201440_zps6deba254.jpg photo CardboardCaving201426_zps2e5e4ebc.jpg photo CardboardCaving201422_zps62a091ef.jpg photo CardboardCaving20143_zps6e911ede.jpg photo CardboardCaving201412_zps1a6d27df.jpg photo CardboardCaving201450_zpsc931cd4c.jpg photo CardboardCaving201461_zps1edefa2c.jpg photo CardboardCaving2014107_zps1a691291.jpg photo CardboardCaving2014110_zpsc9b1fb54.jpg photo CardboardCaving2014106_zpsc717978b.jpg photo CardboardCaving201495_zps58d769c3.jpg photo CardboardCaving201474i_zps59f31c87.jpg photo CardboardCaving201492_zpsea29e30c.jpg photo CardboardCaving20141_zps9934c837.jpg