Alternative Summer Camp 2017

Beaver Lodge, Parkend, Forest of Dean

Saturday 27th May until Tuesday 30th May 2017

23 Scouts and leaders a plenty, lost themselves in the beauty of the Royal Forest of Dean. Camping in Parkend  we enjoyed and wallowed in an exciting splattering of activities.

Friday started as one of the hottest days of 2017 and we’d decided it would be good to pack the van, which turned out to be more of a large estate car. However, a little thought and TLC everything was squashed into all sorts of spaces and crevices and 3 leaders wended their way to Beaver Lodge. Still exceptionally hot. On the other side of the Severn back in Bristol, Nick and Toby were playing food tetris, trying to create enough room in the car for their own kit! Who knew that the space for a spare wheel is actually an excellent food storage space?!
 photo 20170526_2026460_zpsnam0mejq.jpg
 photo 20170527_093323_zpsnmfovfyn.jpg
Scouts finally arrived the next day, after a cycle up hill from Lydney, a breeze for some and a challenge for others but everyone arrived safe and sound and a round of applause for the final few! Exceptionally wet for the stragglers.

Enjoy the links below for photos and further reports and run-downs on everything else we got upto. Never a dull moment…



As is customary on these occasions those Scouts who have recently joined get invested, however at 62nd we try to think outside the box and provide a more memorable occasion. Thus, in the absence of stunning backdrops like Caernarfon Castle, Tintern Abbey and freezing cold waterfalls to stand under we opted for the river.

The original plan was the station of the Dean Forest Railway but rain and the fact it was closed put paid to that! 6 hardy souls dipped their toes in the cold water – it was only ever going to end in a water fight…

…and a few soggy uniforms, ah well!

 photo SC 17 investing 1_zpsm7rltwjk.jpg  photo SC 17 investing 6_zpstius5z2m.jpg  photo SC 17 investing 9_zpsmny0oqeg.jpg  photo SC 17 investing 12_zpsauqdxkpo.jpg  photo SC 17 investing 13_zps4zh5untu.jpg  photo SC 17 investing 15_zpsqwx5e3nw.jpg  photo SC 17 investing 18_zpsvfpxuld6.jpg  photo SC 17 investing 19_zps5duvbmoq.jpg  photo SC 17 investing 20_zpsp3dxxy6d.jpg  photo SC 17 investing 23_zpsxbx6zw55.jpg  photo SC 17 investing 26_zpsxkuqaqet.jpg  photo SC 17 investing 27_zpszh0fgszv.jpg  photo SC 17 investing 29_zpscenjfkrj.jpg  photo SC 17 investing 31_zpsil0pbjtq.jpg  photo SC 17 investing 33_zpsir1yrvpm.jpg  photo SC 17 investing 35_zps32dayzof.jpg  photo SC 17 investing 37_zpslvumhcyu.jpg  photo SC 17 investing 41_zpszkaqerom.jpg  photo SC 17 investing 45_zpssxus3y6p.jpg  photo IMG_5017_zpskowi6pi8.jpg  photo SC 17 investing 66_zpsfdlf4xd2.jpg  photo SC 17 investing 68_zps8o6bspkg.jpg


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